Kodular companion ( live testing ) doesn't work

Describe your issue

I am using the latest version of Kodular but when I scanned the QR nothing happens.
I have tried by typing the code manually too, but didn’t work…
I the Google Play many users has commented this issue.
Please fix this issue quickly. It’s very difficult to develop apps without live testing.

Android version

My Android version is 5.0 ( lollipop ) and my device is SM-G361H.


How should we know what is the problem if the only thing you are telling that is doesn’t work?


Same here…
It’s crashing sometimes

It’s exactly the same with me.

please explain further, also add screenshot and steps to reproduce the issue.

I merged them together before more users make new topics.


i am telling that when i do live test it shows error close

what error? how can we know just by saying “it shows error”?

When I Scan or enter the code nothing happens, no error codes,
After taking some time it show as follows,

In the companion screen, nothing happens.

That’s the error…

Working for me. Do you use large assets in your app?

No I opened a blank app and didn’t work…

Are your pc and phone on the same network?

If the Kodular companion developers need it, I can download the app and start a logcat so that you know what exactly happens if this is an app problem that can be recorded into the log file.
Just ask
Btw I will say when I find this problem.
The app doesn’t connect when
-I try to do it online with the PC connected to my phone’s hotspot and my phone to mobile data
-When both devices are on the same network created with a 3rd phone hotspot.
Can’t try with a normal wifi network for now…

same problem here first companion app crashes too often and to connect it to my pc I have to refresh my pc and restart companion app several times then it works it’s actually very annoying sometimes hope Kodular team will fix this bug soon

Troubleshoot your network, that’s all I can say.


Because it works for 99% of users, it has to be something at your end that doesn’t work.

This can be helpful

And some more reading in the same thread.

Of all these threads, I never asked what kind of router you all have. If it’s an old one or new, which model, etc. Search results for 'companion @Boban' - Kodular Community



Not working for me help me after scamming code just nothing happens help me

Not enough information


When i scan code nothing happen in app and in computer
I waited 5-10 minutes

I have used companion just 30 seconds before and it was working.
Check your internet connection.