Kodular Component Google manager ads not Show!

i cant understand why (kodular ads manager) google ads not showing in my app.at first month means Before Octobar my app ads are good and show the user better and i geting perfect impression (BANNER and INTR), Now my app after update in playstore in this Octobar with my almost 500 Active user (user Update my app) my tomorrow impression is 200! Banner ads are Absolutely not show and INTR show after long time app use! can anyone tell me? whats wrong?
bandicam 2021-10-10 16-29-41-978

yes im put kodular ads.txt in my website

It is because of the eCPM Floor set by the Kodular on their Ad Manager parent Account then what you could expect from that of your users,

To Simply Put it - Suppose if eCPM Floor set by Kodular is of 1$ then the Ads of that worth or higher will be shown (that would count as Impressions), Now this depends on your App’s Quality, Country user is from, Category/Genre, User Past Data with Google and with Accordance to all these Factors the eCPM of Ads are delivered to your users will be decided.

In your case I can assume that your App’s users simply doesn’t meet the requirements for That high CPM so the Ad is simply not shown to them resulting in eventually lower Fill rates.

What I would suggest you is to use a fallback Ad-Network and to load it’s ads with Failed to Load Events of Ad Manager Banner and Interstital when those ads are not loaded to cover up your losses or lost revenue