Kodular Creator is not loading in my 4G Internet

Hi Guys My Kodular Creater Is not loading in my 4G INTERNET

It Takes infinite Loading How i fix this

And my internet speed is 10 mbps speed test by ookla

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Yes same is with mine I use 200 mbps 5g wifi still loading all time.

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I’m sure it has nothing to do with kodular. It seems like the issue is with your internet 4g provider. I have just tried it on 4g hotspot and it is loading as it should.

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mine even Loads at 20kbps

Try clearing cache and login my kodular again and these network stats does not define how fast internet is, and we all know that 4g in some areas is just a marketing tactic its speed isn’t that good. Probably your ISP is not providing enough bandwidth to users or there may be some cache glitches

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Sometimes it happens with me too especially when the project is quite big. and then I have to download apk to check the app

Try creating a blank project and try to load it in companion to diagnose the problem.

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same, also my kodular creator not loading. i tried on my friends laptop with other wifi but same problem.
If anyone have solution please tell us.