Kodular Developer is needed [ Job ]

Kodular Developer is needed [ Job ]

to make an app that control recieved sms messages and bookmark them or send them then remove them

this process shall be done before having the notification of the message in the android device.

this is one of plenty of projects.

DM real and serious kodular developers only.

Good luck + Thank you.

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you can’t upload this on play store. because play store will not accept



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buddy, Android 11 wont probably allow u to do so :laughing:


As others have said this probably won’t be allowed. But if you really want to do it you should state how much you will pay for this job.


Means you will pay every month ?

Android 11 Restrictions !

Wow how can you read or edit or delete a message which you haven’t received ? and also now its not possible to read them before the android gives notification as kodular apps are not working in background and you have to use extension and if you are thinking to use background task extension you must know that its originally working only in foreground and when app is in recent tasks

What are you trying to say ?

Who is bot here ?

and what do you mean by this ?

Why good luck no work is started
and one more suggestion your information is complete and also your explanation


why , it’s normal service app , it only remove the latest sms being received before getting it ???

I don’t think it violates any of google TOS

Then, to be honest, you know nothing about Google Play Store.


The task here is to write a sms app, which will replace the default sms app on the device of the user…
The default sms app does have more possibilities…
However the background feature might be a challenge in Kodular…
PS: I’m not a real and serious Kodular developer…