Kodular eagle new hacking protect

I like this new hacking protect components thanks kodular


These blocks only provide some restriction on which devices can use your app. Most of the apps in question can also hide themselves from the system very effectively. Therefore, keep in mind that anyone who wants to “hack” your app still can. :sweat_smile:

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Then how can I protect my app?

The best way to protect your app is not to make it. :sunglasses::grin:

Every app is vulnerable, these blocks gives you more control about under which conditions it can be run.

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Hahahah please give me any solution :joy::joy:

Like @Kanishka_Developer said

No apk is 100% safe. What is the data that you want to protect?

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I want to protect database
Thanks for replying…

What database, firebase, tinydb, mysql, sqlite, etc, etc.

That is mostly unaffected by the blocks you mentioned. Most database components provided by Kodular are very secure. As long as you follow some “best practices”, such as storing API keys in obfuscated text blocks, and not sharing sensitive data, you’ll be safe. :slight_smile:


Mysql database

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