Kodular: Facebook Ads

yesterday $0.43

same issues me to! Low eCPM

eCPM from US , AUS, CANADA is $0.24, $0.36 & $0.43

My app user indian, but sometimes i get to Foreign user eCPM like $2 to $5. Indian eCPM like this $0.47 Around 0.30$ to 0.50$

Its global app offering jobs. Maximum audience is from Ind, PaK and Bangla, rest all from other countries

I’m not bidding any other Network! Stil Facebook audience Network working on my app and ad request or impression so good! No problem with me for the mandatory meditation!

I am also doing same but ads coming in one app only, not in other. Why?
When I emailed there team multiple times, they said mediation is mandatory. When I asked them them why ads showing in other app, they said they are working only in those apps which are managed by facebook representative.

Later I tried connecting with technical team, they said SDK is outdated.

niotron.,but now their sdk is also outdated

but other people replying to me stating that there apps are showing ads

i know. but last 2 month, in new apps not showing ads… sdk issue… my old app is also showing ads, no problem. but when i add new ads in new app… ads not showing

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are you using mediation?

just fan network

Now Facebook eCPM! Share anyone’s getting Good eCPM Better then me?

And anyone tell me Which Ads network are good for me?

revert back to Google Admanager. kodular is taking very good steps now about montization. belive me

What do you mean?