Kodular: Facebook Ads

Hello, How to use Facebook Ads? I don’t understand what this Mediation Platform for?

Fb ads doesn’t work in kodular

Really? Why is it on the Components tab? and not on Experimental?

Because fb has integrated bidding which is not available on kodular now

Oof, then We do not have any other choice than choosing the Google Ad Manager?

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How much does Google Ad Manager earns per 1000 Impressions?

No idea, I don’t use any ad network

Oh alright, thank you!

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@Yashk12 Hey Yash bhai, i am happy to see you here. I am Neeraj. You are connected with me on Facebook through messages, if you remember.

Guys, i am here to let you know that I setup my new app in April 2022 through Facebook audience network and it is successfully showing ads without any mediation. I have inserted ads normally, as we used to do earlier.
But unfortunate thing is that, my other app, which I setup few days after, is not showing ads despite having many ad requests. I am finding solution for same here and there. I have checked many YouTube vids, no luck yet. Facebook staff saying you need to have mediation. But why mediation, if they have provided option of “Audience network only”

How are we able to get Bidding?

i am using facebook ads without bidding, and i got 3 payment, but kodular sdk is so old, thats why i now i am not using facebook ads in kodular

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Kodular Need to Update Facebook Audience Networks Ads SDK…:pensive:

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While setting up new property, you are required to select bidding option. In case you chose audience network only, still one code is generated for mediation(bidding).

Which app builder are you using?

SDK is not a big issue. Atleast our apps are running. The only issue is that now people aren’t able to display ad on their apps. Ad requests do come, but ads don’t appear. Mediation is mandatory.

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$0.32 now a days

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Yes same issue @Butt_Developers

Which type app your? eCPM is to High :open_mouth::open_mouth:

i have tools, entertainment, finance & social catagory apps

It’s your recently day eCPM?