Facebook Audience Network bidding

Hey Koder, I published my app on Play Store and integrated Facebook Audience Network. Facebook network also approved the app. But I can’t see ad. So I went to my FB Audience Account and check properties. It is Showing Waiting for Waiting for bid request
We haven’t received a bid request for this app yet. Check that the integration is correct.
What is this Can You guys help me. I have searched on community but didn’t get answer.
Or should i move to other Ad Networks. Please let me know. Thank You

Please wait kodular will give us update

should i move to other ad networks?

Does someone know about this? Is supported for the last update of Kodular?

I want to know, too. How’s it going?

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In my case, the status is “receiving ads” still no impression is being generated.

Guys, i am here to let you know that I setup my new app in April 2022 through Facebook audience network and it is successfully showing ads without any mediation. I have inserted ads normally, as we used to do earlier.
But unfortunate thing is that, my other app is not showing ads despite having many ad requests. I am finding solution for same here and there. I have checked many YouTube vids, no luck yet. Facebook staff saying you need to have bidding.
Bu why bidding if I am using other option which says “audience network only”.