FB Audience ntwrk - We haven't received a bid request

I added a new App to fb audience network and create a Intertitial ID and then enter in my app AS usual, my application Live on google play .
Then FB audientce network showing this error …

I am not using any mediation network

Am i doing something Wrong ??? Help me plz

Thanks for support in Advance

Facebook bidding must required for new app. You should set up bidding with others ads network.
Unfortunately There are no options in kodular for setup Facebook bidding .So, You Should Wait Until Kodular Give Us any Way For Fb bidding .

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Really thanks for help

After 30 September. As in our old apps show Facebook ads without bidding?

The Answer is No
You Must Setup Bidding For Your Old App Before Facebook Bidding Deadline.

it means we cant use facebook ads for kodular app right?

For new App answer will - Yes we cant use fb ads.
If your App is already live on google play with old fb ads SDK then you can update app (with new SDK).
My three old apps are showing ads after update sdk .