Does Kodular Fenix support facebook audience network bidding?

As it is said in some posts in the community, the users who are using facebook audience network for monetization their android apps need to enable bidding by September 30th 2021, through a mediation partner.

  1. Question is does Kodular new update, Kodular Fenix supports this?

  2. Do we need to change any setting, blocks in our apps having FB Ads components to enable bidding?

  3. Does current version of Kodular supports mediation for the fb ads components? If so, is this possible for any mediation partner, or is it possible only with some of the mediation partners.

Sorry if I am repeating a question which is already raised here, but I couldn’ find a clear answer. Hope the guidance of experts.

Thanks in advance

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Currently Kodular Not Support bidding i think

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Kodular does not run according to the latest update of Admob, Facebook, Google Play Console It takes a long time … :face_with_head_bandage:

So Devlopers have a lot of problems …
Previously it took 2-3 months for Facebook Sdk to be updated …
And now we know when API level 30 will come …


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