What is the meaning of Facebook ads latest version sdk update?

In the new kodualr fenix kodualr updated Facebook audience network ads sdk to latest version sdk but as per facebook
“We would like you to know that for new apps onboarding to Audience Network, bidding will become the default way to monetize beginning with iOS apps on March 1, 2021 and Android apps on May 31, 2021.”

For more information, you may refer to the link below

I created this topic to inform all it’s don’t mean to update Facebook sdk problem will continue with us for facebook monatization

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Yes they are just talking about admob but what about us who uses Facebook

Many user admob acount is disable or ads limited…They are not providing proper solution nor even talking about it.
We just have 1 month and some days.

I am waiting for a Facebook solution for the last 1 year. Now solved but one more problem comes.

and if we talk something against him than will unlist our topic.

As they have connect with admob… may be they will try to focus on admob only…

May be we will have to solve it by own… we need a facebook adapter.

Use Enhance

From FB docs:


here is the latest document. and I already tried but replay receives this doc by Facebook via mail.

Did you read what Pavi showed you. This is not available on Android yet.

Pavi showing old data. please see what I am showing. and I also contacted Facebook support. see the replay by Facebook support.