Bidding in Facebook Ads Network

Hello there,
Because of Hating Competitors I am Banned from Admob & I dont see any hopes of getting into it
currently I am Using Unity ads But it has very low ecpm
please help me regarding it.
I request to answer my questions Pointwise

  1. With What network Should I Replace Unity Ads
  2. Facebook Network Requires bidding please help regarding it.
  3. If there is no way to use facebook ads please help me with suggesting multiple networks like
    Unity for interstitial , xyz for banner , abc for rewarded and so
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My App Has Crossed 10k Users but 0 revenue since its start

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My single app has crossed 50k, and total download from my developer account 120k +, result Zero Revenue.
I can understand your pain.


@Lollipop can You Please answer My Doubt No. 1 & 3
so that we can find a way out


  1. Just had the same thing with admob, my admob ads were limited as there were not much installs for my apps in the begining, so I had move to facebook audience network, where I am earning comparatively higher percentage of revenue than admob from the demographies that I am targeting. So, with my experience, my suggestion is try with facebook ads first, can get good ecpm from tier 1 countries. But don’t know much about the revenue from south asian demographies. Good luck

  2. I am also looking for some guidance :slight_smile:

oops, that’s terrible. You mean, you are having 50K active installs with zero revenue? From which countries the most?


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You haven’t monetized yet?

Admob adlimit, I didn’t try other ad network

Why not? :slight_smile: it’s hard to absorb strict rules from admob as a beginner, I would suggest any other network will creatin some amount of revenue other than admob, specially with the 50K active installs. better try a different network. meanwhile admob will not generate much revenue from South Asian countries I guess, isn’t it.

Hello Kodular support,
30 september is really near and user who use facebook monetize need to change in bidding.
I think many kodular use facebook to monetize app, and I am sure many of them dont want to change monetization provider.
I would like to have an explicit answer (yes or not) regarding the possibility to have facebook bidding in kodular. This will help us organize ourselves to change the monetization type, or stress-free waiting for the new update.


Yes waiting for replay from kodular…:+1::+1: i think kodular planning bidding with google admanger

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I have the same issue. Until we get a solution for FAN ads, here’s an alternative tip to get a little more revenue with unity ads. Give your users an option to remove ads with a small fee or a subscription.
I have an app with around 100 installs/day. It gives me around 8-10$/day revenue with in app purchases. I only charge 0.99$/Month for ad removal option.

Can you post a link to your app please?

i have crossed 125k+ and ranked no one on playstore. still getting 1$ in 2 days

same here with rank on in playstore

Use google admanager​:+1:by kodular

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For what purpose? Can it be used for FAN integration?