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Hi everyone!

A few months ago I got my Admob account suspended due to some weird violations, till this day I don’t even know why, even when I asked directly to Google Admob team! I guess google employees are all robots nowadays. Anyways…

Wish Ad Network would the community suggest as an alternative? I’m currently doing some tests on several different Ad Networks but not getting the results expected!
Some Apps have less than 100 donwloads, but as a test I ended up creating a new Admob account just to see if the Apps would generate some revenue, and they did! And that doesn’t happen with ANY other Ad network!
Before you advise me not to, rest assured I already deleted the new Admob account because I know once we are banned, we are banned for life! It was created only for testing purposes!

So, any recommendations?
Thanks in advance

If you are find best alternative which is also is placed in kodular then it it Facebook Audience Network. Yes , but as my experience admob and Facebook both are best but nowadays admob has many strict rules that’s why majority of peoples go to fb or any other network . Because they didn’t survive with admob policies as admob didn’t support apps like Earning apps , Simple Apps with less content, and apps which have ads more than content.

And you can use ad network according to your audience which type of audience you have.
But if your admob got suspended then go for fb


I did this a year ago :grin::laughing: I think others also :thinking:

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I love both admob and Facebook both are best for their custom audience. But recommend admob ( :crown: King of ad network always)

Thank you for your reply! I’m using Facebook Ads but with less success! Let’s see in the long run

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:thinking: Depending on what?!

As per my experience, the average admob cpc with indian traffic is as low as $0.02.

For me, it was hard to believe that there is any other ad networks too that can even pay higher rate than AdSense (for Website), but now I believe!

Reason to show this is just to tell the community that never go with names. Try different networks to find your ideal one.

I was talk about admob not adsense . There’s are many good competitor of adsense like etc. Who give good cpc.

The banner ad of admob is too bigger than fb it contains too much space. Fb banner ads are small and looks good

I think you missed that!

Totally agree with you . My experience is good with both ad networks .

There’s a reason behind that because fb works on epcm so that they pay us for 1000 impressions and they want more clicks that’s why fb banner and interstitial ads are attracted user to click them.

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So far the only problem i´m having is this:

I´m probably doing something wrong! I never generate any impression even knowing for sure the ads are being displayed across all my apps!
This is the very first time i´m using Facebook ads, i never had this kind of issue with AdMob for example.

This is because you view data for last 28 days. See data of last 7 days or last 24 hours.

Later today I’ve tried to view data the way you said surprise, surprise already shows impressions!
I know I’ve tried that before and nothing, the only difference is I updated 2 of my apps recently because of that issue with Facebook Ads, and both apps started showing impressions! Maybe I really did something wrong!
Thanks :+1: really appreciated your suggestion!

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