My earning After 4 month. I want to increase my earning

Helo koders. I created a app for competitive exams using kodular. Now i have 3k+ active users and 10k downloads.
In first version i used admob but after 2 month admob banned my account. Then i changed admob by an update.Now I am using startapp. It give 1$ per day.

Now i want to make an update with more features in my app.
I am confused because i want to use admob.

If my app is approved by kodular ad apporval. Then there is any chance to get ban my admob account. Please help me. Anyone got payment and still use admob please give me some tips.

If there is any best ads for me.

My app is live on playstore
My location india-Kerala


Why did admob ban you?. is there anything kodular app aproval?
Contact google admob(best)

You can’t creat multi admob accounts

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If your app is live on playstore , the first alternative is facebook audience network which income is mostly like admob Or you can create another admob account with your parents name or with any close relative and enjoy :wink:

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Use Facebook Audience Network my favorite. :grin:


And check your CTR 31 % :smiley: Do you click on your ads ?

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3k active users daily or they just installed your app

Noo : what is really happening

No : 3k daily users

U can try to retrieve u r admob account if it was banned mistakenly then after filling up the appropriate form perfectly u r account can be unbanned else u can use other monetization networks nowadays many developers are using Facebook Audience Network and many people claim it is way better than Admob

How you count daily users? Which method you use

Use playstore analytics
Google analytics (because it is a web view app)

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