Which is the best ads for more revenue

i am confused in ads.
i don’t know which ads give me higher revenue.
i know about Admob ads and Facebook ads.
But i don’t know about Startapp ads .

Can you explain me startapp ads.

Anyone using Startapp ads.
As, i know Kodular Companion is using Startapp Ads.
So, i am thinking it will paying more than admob and facebook ads.

Preferred Admob Ads to show in app instead of Facebook Ads.

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What about Startapp ads

You can use Startapp Ads but we can’t compare the earning of Admob Ads and Startapp Ads.

Using Startapp ads ??

You can use this, if you don’t have Admob account.

Hi @AryanGupta
Well if you want more revenue (as in INDIA), I prefer AdMob ads
Bcoz in StartApp I’m also not earning much…
Now the choice is yours :relaxed:

Admob And Facebook ads is better than Stratapp

Also Amazon

Here comes the logic.
The best ad network is who has more data about users.
Google and Facebook are data kings.
Also Amazon.
They are strict with their policies, make sure you do not violate the policies.
Startapp can not be compared with them.

now days also swiggy and ipl , iphone .dell

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my admob and facebook ads account got banned After several month so i suggest startapp is good choice

I will tell you some average values.

impressions = 1000
clicks = 10
average revenue = 0.5 $ to 4$
policies: very srtict

impressions = 1000
clicks = 10
average revenue = 0.3 $ to 3$
policies: Strict

impressions = 1000
clicks = 10
average revenue = 0.1 $ to 1$
policies: moderate

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