Kodular Fenix Bug Affecting Many Koders

Hello Kodular and it’s Koders.

No one can deny how useful Kodular is and how much we are attached to it.

But after the latest Fenix version, some of our apps started crashing not because we made changes, it’s because the latest version of Kodular Fenix has bugs.

My reason for saying this is that; just a few hours before the update, I exported my App and tested it and it was working fine, but when I logged in back into the Creator I realized there was an update.

Since the update, a particular screen of my app was not opening anymore and the app crashes when I open it. Many people also complained and seem to get no solution.

I tested the Screen on the Companion and there was no error whatsoever, it works fine.
I tried every single solution in the community except I couldn’t use logcat on my PC.

Please if you haven’t discovered the bug already, I think this explanation could lead you to fix the bug. removed by Mod

We rely so much on Kodular, and there’s no way we can just leave. Please address these issues officially and let us rest assured that you’ll fix them.

Thank you very much.

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I’d like to remind you that the team mentioned that there were issues blocking release. Things had to be hurried through in part because of the Play Store changes, and in part because of the community pushing it aggressively.

All of us as a community expedited the release, and it would make no sense to complain now. We can either keep complaining eternally, rushing hotfix after hotfix, or let the team do their job in peace.


What about to solved these bugs? Just like onesignal. Onesignal is an important component. Without onesignal my app is almost zero. I need this. If i can get any update when it will be fixed. Then it will be helpful for me