Kodular Fenix New Update Crash My App

Hi I am Update My app Kodular Fenix Now Test My App But App Crash How To Fix This

Can you be more specific ? Do you get any errors? Did you update companion ?

how to update companion

Update from PlayStore

Manage apps & device :arrow_right: Updates available

Just delete the app and reinstall it , the app will be automatically updated

not work iam test

Can you send a screenshot of the companion app

Like this

wait i am send

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Not this I said a screenshot of the companion

Shot 0043

And the error might be because you are using phase animation extension , androidx issue , try using the phase animation extension posted on ai2 forum

I am sure this is the main reason why the app crashes

Download phase animation extension from here

but today everything ok Now I am Kodular Fenix Update than see This App Crash issues

I’m gonna release the AndroidX version of Phase soon. But if you don’t want to wait till then, you can use Recast.


Thank You All For Help me
Shot 0045
This Block Crash My App

Is there anyway to detect extensions which don’t use android x library?