Kodular Fenix New Update Crash My App

Is there anyway to detect extensions which don’t use android x library?

Not that I know of

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yes Phase need new version

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I can’t detect which of extensions i used need update so i am using Recast to update all extension i used once, Thank you @Shreyash I suggest to recast all extension as bach who encountered this problem with a lot of extension

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Me also after the update my application crash at the beginning

the error from one of the extension i used in my application i ask the developer to update it as recast method not work but at least you can know which extension need to update

Recast is now working. I did it for both Phase and Pager extensions. My projects are now working as they were before the Kodular Fenix update.


Many app get crash after new update

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My App Is Crash When i use New Version Kodular Plz Help Me … What Can I do …

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please read this

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Can you post the apk to check which extension is leading to the crash ?

Why my app show black screen or could not give any response. This case is occurred After kodular fenix update

is it compatible with kodular fenix version I mean to say that does it contains AndroidX libraries

Yup , it does support Android x

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Thanx for your reply but will you help me
i am having a sets of extensions can you tell me which extension needed recast
extension list
and if any of these needed recast then can you please provide me link from where i can download the new version because i dont know how to recast aix files

do one thing export the aia and recast it all your problems will be solved

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ok but how to do that can you please guide me i have found many topics regarding recasting but cant found even one helpful

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same with me the list permmisions extention made my app close always when i open it