Kodular for iOS

What is the progress of the Kodular companion for iOS? Was the work even started, and if not, are there any plans to, and what are the requirements from MIT you’d need to get going?

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Simple answer is no
Kodular is only for android

Simple answer for what exactly? Are there any plans to build the infrastructure anyway? App Inventor has already started rolling out iOS versions, why shouldn’t Kodular since they’re based on the same ecosystem as them?


From what I recall in past posts, they will add IOS when possible and since App inventor has added IOS hopefully they are beginning to look into it. I would’nt expect anything soon, it will definitely take a while but I believe Kodular is interested in implementing IOS in the future.

As far as I know, the sources for the iOS companion isn’t open-source yet. It would probably take some years.

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Kodular hasn’t even updated the new file system and the File component (for Android) yet. If iOS comes for Kodular at all, it may be years away.

Btw, AI2 doesn’t have a build server for iOS yet (only one for testing purposes).


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