Kodular future!

Hey my name is yash and i studied in 12th (Science).
I have a query about my future so i want some tips from professional Developer and community.
I make apps from kodular and i am happy to understand android components and their uses by kodular only.

  1. But i want to know that is that good future for Android app developers or in software engineering because i love python too because i learned python beginning course .
  2. And is there a big competition due to site like kodular in app field.
  3. Is degree or good marks are needed to become a good developer and got our good jobs.

Plz my lovely community help me to get my answers.:grinning:


Hello Yash,
good that you have started pretty early and getting yourself used to with the technology available.

  1. Yes future is always bright if you love to solve problems. Developing app doesn’t mean simply displaying anything on the screen and giving few buttons. If you are solving some real life problem using your coding and thinking capability, you will definitely earn rewards for your efforts.

  2. Tools like kodular are great platform to understand the things, otherwise before these you need to be sound enough to understand java and other programming practices. But now you can have your own learning pace and get to know what you need to, in order to achieve a certain goal.

  3. Your degree and good marks will be your eligibility criteria at the beginning of your career but once you are in work culture, when your experience will start talking about your capabilities then nobody will ask about your degree certificats.

Wish you all the very best and good luck.


As smartphones became very essential component of life and apps are backbone of smartphone, so future in App Development is bright.

As well competition is also there.

For beginning Kodular is the best platform to learn basics of Android Apps Development.

Here, you can build up your logic and convert your ideas into apps.

In future, you can learn more advanced App Development with Android Studio by learning programming languages like Java, Python etc.


:grinning: Oh thanks bhai to answer my question but as we hear in india that if you get good marks or practice for iit , jee you will be get a good job . Personally i Don’t like science i got science because i want to to do engineering . Can i get a good job even i have a less percentage in 12th because i am doing from nios board due to financial condition and i am doing study without school.

Yup thanks for answer i choose kodular Because i make apps from kodular to get knowledge but i am quite confuse in software engineering vs android development. Because i have interest in both.
When i use kodular so without any tiredness i spent 3-4 hours .
But when i start to learn python same i practice for coding without tired ness (4-5hours)
So i am confused too.

More and more companies are looking for proof of knowledge.
A degree and good grades/marks will definitely be helpful.
Since you like programming and you like Kodular, my suggestion would be to do an introductory to Java course and start making extensions.
And after you get familiar with how the extensions work, maybe look into adding some functionality in the Appinventor Sources.
This will get you familiar with Java/Android/Github and A lot of employers love to see potential employees who participated in Opensource projects.


I will suggest take one step at a time. Your marks won’t decide your job as of now but surely will decide your college you will be enrolling to for the engineering because of high number of entrance applicants college has to put criteria of minimum marks. Then also everyone who goes to IIT cannot secure a job.

So wherever you are just give your best. Like as of now if you are in your 12th Standard give your best to score maximum you can. Boards, Schools are secondary if you are preparing well.


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