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Tesbihat Yap - Zikir ve Tesbihat


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hi guy:

my application in google play store. And i have a problem. look at the ss. my problem is data protection error. pls help guys. i want to earn money. and this problem… help me please…

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No one is stopping you but you need to follow the GDPR and thus the dialogue is just asking the user for permission and if you don’t use that and your app in use in European side, instead of earning money you will be charged fine, which is extremely high!

you can disable “Consent mode” from properties but not advised.

Read about GDPR here:


This is not an error. This is just a prompt. If user clicks to “Ok”, then your app will collect some data to show personalized ads for user. If user clicks to “Cancel”, then it will disable personalized ads.

Bu bir hata değil. Bu sadece bir istek. Eğer kullanıcı “Tamam” tuşuna tıklarsa, uygulama, kullanıcıya kişiselleştirilmiş reklamlar göstermek için veri toplar. Eğer kullanıcı “İptal” tuşuna tıklarsa, o zaman kişiselleştirilmiş reklamlar kapanır.

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Thanks dude. I solved my problem. I need to turn off consent developer mode.

Teşekkürler dostum. sorunumu çözdüm. consent developer modu’u kapatmam gerekiyormuş.


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