Kodular google map check marker is in circle

How to check the person is in the circle or not I mean I m fixed the circle area and if any user open app then check is he is in the circle area
Please help me


You want to make a geofence.

I want to add a circle with a admin app and then user open users app then check is user is in the circle with use of user location

Try :

You have the radius and the latitude and longitude of the center.
Take the user’s latitude and longitude and decrease the latitude and longitude of the center point of the circle.
If it is greater than the radius, it is outside the area; if it is less than or equal, it is within the area.
Maybe , Create an extension like this one of my test.

Please share this aia please please

I generated a simple extension with just the formula of the distance between 2 points (Haversine). This extension was created only for studies and learning. Then I used the components of the Kodular itself. :

  • Enable Mylocation
  • Add Circle
  • Add Markers
  • Notifier
  • If else.

Send blocks

lat user - lat circle = X
lng user - lng circle = Y

What calculation do I need to do when finding the coordinates?

@lucas_dnts , Have you tried with the Navigation component?
Use the properties: Start Longitude / Latitude and End Latitude / Longitude , ApiKey and the RequestDirections Function, I think I did a test and it worked. But the example above was with an extension I made for studies.