Kodular icon is shown instead of my custom app icon

Why kodular icon is shown instead of my custom app icon in app sharing platform (share-it, mi drop) and in download notification when download component is used but the custom icon is showing in app tray of mobile.
App icon format- .png
App icon size- 4KB


Can you please explain whats the actual problem Or you can provide some screen shot.

when i install app it is showing my custom icon, but when i open share it app to share, kodular default icon is showing instead of my custom icon.

Ohh k i got it… Wait I will check & tell you soon…

Sorry to say dude. But i didn’t face such problem… do one thing open your project & set your icon again… @abcd_efgh9971

i just tried on honor phone and everything is fine and for the other apps it is fine, but the problem is happening for only one app,my phone is Redmi Note 3(and is there any cache or something to clear or is there any settting in the phone ?

Ya try by clearing cache & data of share it once @abcd_efgh9971

Or try to use any other sharing app…

Kodular default icon is shown instead of my custom icon in all app sharing platform in my phone, Do the problem is with my phone?

Go to file manager & delete all the apk from file manager. then your prblm will be solved @abcd_efgh9971

nothing changed, let it be be i will check in other devices and i will come back if problem persist.

Ya ok… @abcd_efgh9971

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Custom icon not showing in my apk

Regenerate your apk and see if the problem exists

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