Kodular - Is it possible for Tabs Layout to load only components instead of the entire screen?

Hello everyone,

I have a quick, for someone perhaps trivial question, about Tabs Layout.

I want to have 2 tabs. When starting the app, the app will automatically load tab number 1. Then, when user presses tab number 2, it will display new buttons, text boxes, etc., and the components from tab number 1 will get destroyed. Then, the same would apply vice-versa (going from tab number 2 to tab number 1).

So, above I described what I want. But what I was able to achieve is this:
The app starts on tab number 1. When the user clicks on tab number 2 it loads a completely new screen where the components are located. Then, when user clicks on tab number 1, again, the screen number 1 will be loaded and displayed.

I am thinking - is it possible to change the contents of each individual tab by not changing screens themselves?

This is the current code that I have for changing the tab:

Thank you everyone!

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Yes, you can ! Use the image component instead of Tab Layout !

Put your 2 differents tabs content in two differents vertical arrangement arrangements.
Then, in blocks, when Screen.Initialize :
Use this blocks to add your vertical arrangement with all the content inside in a new tab !
(in the component field, put the latest block of your vertical arrangement)

I never understood the usefulness of TabLayout


@Franck_G28 thank you!

This worked out for me, now I have this:

And it works like a charm :slight_smile:


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You’re welcome! I’m glad it works for you!

Can you show us how the layout was @neisor ?

@Rogerio_Rios this is my layout:

Hope this helps you.

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