Kodular is unable to compile this project

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Show full error screenshot and refresh your page and try to export your app

this is full error screenshot…

Can you show me your blocks

Ok I spent a little time trying to figure out what the problem is, and I cant.

I deleted everything. All assets, all extensions all blocks.

The only thing left is a grey Screen1 . No package names no nothing, and it still wont compile.

Something strange has happened to this AIA I think. Have you done any manual manipulation of it? Was it created in Kodular to start?

its designed by me only in kodular only… no manupulations

Strange if so

Try this one


not working @Boban



yaa now its working… wats problem in my project @Boban

This was the second project I found this issue with, one was on Thunkable and yours


Not ok, this folders should not be here


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thanks dear @Boban

I think it has to do with an DeepHost Custom Download extension

It looks like it was installed at one point. Did you use a Custom Download Extension from DeepHost @petharitharunkumar


yes Dear @cian
can you suggest anyother extension

Well it was not showing up in the extensions list, so I dont think it imported properly. You are not using that extension now as it does not show here. What are you trying to do with it?

custom_listview is deephost

I think that a project was uploaded as assets, I will try this and see if it so


You mean an extension getting uploaded to assets?

Nopp it wasn’t it



As you can see in the image, these folders belong to a completely different project