Kodular Lagging Issue

Hi there, Recently I have imported a project from thunkable to Kodular . The problem is Kodular lagging too much. One of screen has less than 400 blocks . But its lagging too much and i can’t even work. This is happening only for this project. I have many projects on kodular which has 1000+ blocks on one screen but has no lag like that. Why it is happening? Is there any solution? This project is very important to me and I already did an update on google play with kodular.

P.S. No issues with my pc. I am using macbook pro and tested with both safari and google crome browser.


which browser do you use And which device do you use And which ram do you use And which version do you use

Are you still confused? check the highlighted text

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Thunkable to kodular why you did that
I don’t know how you are even opening the projects

Try to use Firefox, I had same issues but now, no more lags.


Firefox is slower than other browsers on mac.

I heard a new browser today. btw please know that kodular is different and has many features. you should start a new project on it.

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It might be slow in performing other tasks but for opening web application like Kodular, I would recommend you to give it a try, because I had same issues but Firefox just resolved it all and my projects (6k Lines of Code and 5 screens) load & run smoother now!


which browser do you heard

he mentioned it

i mean which browser you heard

Sorry, I typed wrong. I edited my comment.

I tried long before and also tried yesterday. Its more laggy and time consuming for me. I think Safari is faster than others (my personal opinion).

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