(Kodular made me remove it, sorry) Kodular Docs [UNOFFICIAL, SHORTCUT] - All you need to know in your pocket!

What is the name of your app?

Kodular Docs

Describe your app:

I made Kodular Docs so people can easily access the Kodular documents web pages, and read all the info about the platform. You can search, and look up any component you need help with, and you can also even use Kodular Creator straight from the app! I ultimately made this app for myself, because of how useful the Kodular Docs are, but I want others to enjoy the ease of use of having all this information right in their pocket!


App Store/Download link:

Kodular Docs on Google Play Store
Kodular Docs on Kodular Store

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You should change your app name to “Kodular Docs [UNOFFICIAL]” because others can think this app made by Kodular staff.


I was going to but I didn’t want people thinking this was not the actual Kodular Docs. I will add that it is not created by me in the play store description. Thank you for the input!

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No, they won’t think like that. Don’t worry. Just change your app name.

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It’s just kodular docs webpages in web view of your app. When it is available on internet why to download a app for that


yes this is right

I could ask you a question, why do people make browsers? There’s more than one… they all work to every accessible page. So what’s the problem with someone trying to be helpful to those who don’t feel like typing.


If Kodular makes a Kodular docs app, then I will gladly change the name to Unofficial. Until then, I do not think it is causing any harm.

Nathan hits a very good a core point about application development. Just because you think most people wont walk left, a surprising few will. So give them a path.


@hammerhai Nathan
I never demotivate any one even I also come up with some similar plans but I was guided by @Diego and other officials

I don’t think they’re from the news :sweat_smile:

So then do it, if you dream it, you can do it. Well if you work hard enough.

As long as they know Kodular DIDN’T make your app, you should be fine. @Diego?


@matthew_salemi You should add somewhere the word “unofficial”, as it’s not endorsed with us in any way


This was my idea and suggestions to me which I believe are correct
And by official I mean the kodular official (Kodular staff)

@matthew_salemi Remove this app from play store!
We already reported your app because you are not allowed to use the word “Kodular”.
“Kodular” is a trademark!

And one other thing:
Kind of these apps are senseless since everybody can create a desktop shortcut to a url page.


I unpublished it. I only made this app for an easier way to access the kodular docs, without having to go to the website, and make a shortcut. Just install, and open the app.
Also, if you bothered to install the app, you would have seen that it was not just a web viewer component.

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Good thing we had lawyers take a look into Kodu :sweat_smile:

It’s a joke, don’t get triggered.

No problem bro just come up with some creative ideas we will support you. If you face any problems then community is open. Just think and be creative.
Happy Koding…

You didn’t add UNOFFICIAL tag in Google Play, so if you don’t want to do add it, only solution was the unpublishing. So you wanted that. This is not Kodular’s fault. You didn’t listen us. That’s it.

Next time, please don’t use Kodular icon, name or any material related with Kodular without permission. And don’t forget to listen us next time about that. Or problems may become bigger.