Kodular Mobile message on your computer

I need to copy the returns from an api request to study its structure.

The request only works on the Kodular mobile emulator.

I would like to play this message in the Kodular editor just as it does when an error occurs.

Hi @shotdesign,
There is three ways:
1- (reccomanded ) use the companion.It have the do it option which will show you what is the api returns in the blocks editor.
2- use websites that makes the get/post requests it self.So you can see the returning structure online without using the companion.An example is this website ; https://apitester.com/
3- ( not reccomanded ) export the apk and show the response content in a label.

Thank you! Fast as always.

1-I’m using Companion, I’m already capturing the return of the API, but this is only on mobile. I need to make this content appear on my computer as well.

2-It does not work because the API is complex and is signed. There is a lot of code and sensitive data before the request to sign the request.

3-This only makes it more difficult.

4 NEW! I ran Kodular Mobile now on the Android Studio emulator (ADV Manager) and so I can easily copy the content with the support of the @Taifun extension

That won’t copy the text to the computer clipboard.:thinking:BTW,

You can run the apk on an emulator.And if your computer rams is low.it’s better to use the free and online emulator : https://appetize.io/

This is the best and efficient way.

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But this will copy the contents of the label into the clipboard of the android emulator and so I simply Ctrl + V my computer inside Notepad ++

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