Kodular Monetization


For my Pusula_deneme project i had requested 5 days ago. Still i am waiting to result.Could you please answer my request and give a decision about approve process ?

You’ll have to wait like many others, you can search about this in the community.

Yes i searched and it seems kodular response performance not very good so i asked to learn how long it takes the process ?

Many posts show that it takes several weeks at minimum, some people wait for a month+
It is not ideal to wait a long time but unfortunately it seems you will have to. Unless you publish to the play store ofc

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I have already published on play store.

The app you are trying to get approved is on the play store? Then you do not need approval! Enjoy

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but how ? i added banner in 5 days ago.And i will publish an update on playstore and that’s it ?

Yes, you update as normal if its on the playstore. You do not need approval

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thank you.

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i have requested aproval before publishing on playstore, now one month later my app is fine on playstore but on review for aproval, can i simple drop the admob component with my info and it works ???

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