Kodular need to improve the monetization feature

Respected Kodular team
I am using kodular from last two years. Many kodars choices this beautiful platform for the good and excellent services. Many kodars develops apps to earn some peeny. Every service of this platform is awesome but the review process of this platform is little long. One of my app was approved with 24 hour, that application was developed with 3 days but recently i have placed an application for review, today it is 3 weeks 6 days and still it is under review. I have spent lot of time of a day to develop this application. Only a developer can know the importance of monetization approved also i can’t able to place other application for review until it gets approved or something else. I hope kodular will take a forward step regarding this issue. Inside my application:-

App ID:- 5521898144268288

Apologize for the inconvenience caused. I hope Kodular team will take necessary action to overcome these issues.

By that time, you may like to improve the UI of your app. :smiley: More over, as I can see, you’re using ad components in an authentication page as well! Personally, I don’t think this is a good idea! I would never like trying this money hungry app btw! Please take it as a review from user!

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Thanks for the suggestion. As my application is in developing stage so I have tested the ad to check whether my logic is working or not. Because I have set few logics or conditions after ads close. I will run the ads only in the main home page. You are correct, user review is very important to grow an app. Thanks for the response @asimjib93 . I am waiting for the kodular response in my review . Thanks and have a great day.