Kodular New Update WebViewer Component Not Working Properly

Instead of looking at darker side we should look at brighter side.
Let Kodular Staff work and fix it.
Be positive and continue your work.


Can solve this problem any other way please share

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Anyone find the solution
Android 9 webviewer component not working properly
Please give a solution

Fill parent H
Fill parent W

And also try
Automatic H
Automatic W

But still problem come

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I am also facing the same issue, Screen started from the center, it’s not placed on top.

Same Problem

it is bug in app inventor and distributions after AP 28, probably if you remove “go to home” block it should work fine but still the bug is being fixed

It is not an AI2-specific bug, but one that arises on all App Inventor distributions (clones) since API 28.
(see above !)

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yeah i forgot to mention the API

MOD means Moderator Guys :joy:

is that all the you mentioned! please don’t mention people until its really needed

try baking your apps several times. i did that and it worked once.

This issue seems to be fixed on App Inventor:

The temporary solution I found was to put webview inside a Cardview. Set all Padings and Elevation to 0, just leave Corner Radius at 1.

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Since this bug has now been fixed in AI2, this will also soon be the case on Kodular and any workaround will be obsolete.


100% right this component is not work properly in android 9 version and other Huawei mobile

I am using samsung s8 latest OS 9. I am facing webview problem like webview start from center of the screen, I unable to placed it on the top.

Can someone with a webview problem send me an AIA?
Our beta server has a fix for it, and we want to confirm that it’s fully fixed


Hi, I am using Samsung s8, The problem is when i load url Webview component start from center of the screen, I unable to placed it on the top. Please follow the screen sort
And m also attached a AIA.


Syandan_patrika_epaper.aia (180.2 KB)

Search the forum. This is already known and on the todo list.