Kodular New Update WebViewer Component Not Working Properly

Dear Kodular team
Please solve a problem we are facing about webviewer component
We share a screenshots page loading properly but when type something then problem face!

Screenshot_20190818-133928|230x500 !


Please solve problems


Previous update we are not facing these types of problems

But latest update problem come

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cannot access your 1st image

Works great in companion.

That error come to me…:frowning:

Is there any component above webviewer and what are webviewer hieght and width?



see also here:

Maybe that helps and you get an inspiration for a solution. :wink:


I am facing same problem plz fix it as soon as possible @Kodular

Please type something in Google text box
You face problem like my screenshots

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What are the solution
Please share

Before update

But now


Text bar are hidden

Don’t use it on Android Pie.

Works fine.
Android Nougat (emulator)

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But before kodular update work fine in android 9 pie

Why now not working

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Everyone knows that.

See above!

So, the solution for now is waiting for next update?

Before update web viewer working fine but after update web viewer is not properly working. The image are not showing at the right place. I put the web viewer at the top but when expose app the web viewer image is shown at the below… Please fix this error.

I am very upset regarding this issue

Please fix the issue

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Yes …bro