Kodular not connect my firebase

I did exactly like the instructions in the video: how to use Firbase realtime database | kodular,AppyBuilder or thunkable in bangla - YouTube
But my firebase is not getting any data from app.
Please help me with the solution. Thank you

Welcome to community. Please post a screenshot of your blocks. Probably something is wrong in your code or in firebase’s properties

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Read :point_down:

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I have followed the instructions exactly and the Kodular app still doesn’t connect to firebase. Here is my code:

At first I followed the instruction in the video, firebase received the data fine. But then I connect the companion again and firebase doesn’t receive the data anymore. Here is my code

Is your firebase token correct ? I f you wish pm me or post here your test aia to check it

Here is my code file
testnew.aia (1.6 KB)

Firebase stores data, no problem. If you want to see it in your app you should use get value block and when firebase got value block

Try this
testnew_1.aia (2.5 KB)