Kodular Notification

yes, is that possible?

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Yes, that’s possible, I’ll help you with the logic and blocks, we can use the background task extension’s beta release.

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i installed the extension already, what should i do now? :joy:

Look at the docs. :grin:

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is this the way to connect it with firebase?

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i have no idea what to do haha

Hey, I’ll can I help you tommorow?

oh thank you :heart_eyes:

test_firebase_3_1.aia (55.4 KB)

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HI @Xoma can you help me now?

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NotificationListen(3).aia (459.5 KB)

This is a project file containing a code that shows a notification when the firebase data changes, if you can tell me more about it, it would be helpful :grin:

I have this data in firebase and i need a notification if the waterlevel reach a certain level

Hi, first try it with a small testing changing values, you must get some idea before you work fully with the extension.

what is this tho?

Hi Lay, that is a template file linked that you can find it in the asset folder.

Firebase Initialization takes a lot of time to create those blocks, the template contains the commands to directly execute it easily.