Kodular Notification

Is there another way to send notification on kodular app other than OneSignal? Help me please. I really need it.

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Yes there is . with the extension

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can i use this extension to detect and display a new value in firebase or airtable?

You can use these settings to send a notification, to query values ​​and you have to use an extension to do this in the background

Maybe @Xoma can help you.

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yes pls, i really need it for my thesis. onesignal dont work right now

yes @Xoma , is very knowledgeable about background services and he may be able to help you.

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Hi @Lay_Villaruz, what do you actually want to happen like?

To send a notification outside the app. Like push notifications of onesignal

What will trigger the notification if you want to use anything apart from one-signal?

I have data from firebase. It’s about flood monitoring if it reaches a certain level, i need to notify the users of the app. Something like that

Yeah, we can do that easily, can you tell me more about it?

This has been successfully implemented several times, it is possible to listen to a change of a value and its tag in the background.

Maybe i can send you an aia file? Can i do that?

What will that AIA file about be? If you want do something in the background, you can explain it through the blocks to me.

this is my block it’s connected in my firebase

in the past i just put the push notification component to send the notification, i dont use my firebase data to notify, so i dont know what to do now

Not sure what you really want to do, do you want to do like when something (like a number) reaches some point, it should show a notification?

this is my app, i think the firebase data is the only thing can be used to trigger it.