Kodular payment system not working

hello . i tried to pay kodular for the comission removal . but its not working since 2 days . and then i tried to donate to kodular then its working . i think the kodular payment system is not working for the comission removal . i think it uses stripe and indians cant pay the payment . it should be done first .

Can someone confirm that? and @Kodular team please check if it matter exist.

i think kodular payments system are not working . i tried many times . i request kodular team to have a look

If it works I’m using it 2 days ago, you have to have the app in play store, to make it work properly, create the blocks and upload to play console, and it will work

Hi @borahraja08!

The system appears to be working fine.
Other users have been able to complete transactions.

Please try with a different payment option if the problem persists.
It could be because your bank/card might not be allowing certain payments.

Thank you for your patience! :slight_smile: