Kodular Premium payout method

Hi, I’m an engineering student and I also do some extra work to earn some income. I’m from Argentina and I have an application with more than 5 extensions. Prepare to pay the premium. I have a card that accepts payments abroad. Yes, I have the LEMON card. prepaid, is it useful? because for example for the payment of a Google development account it does not work. The subscription is valid for one month? For example, if I pay today, the subscription lasts until 08/18 or 07/31?

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If you buy today for monthly basis plan then your ending date is 18/08/22

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Thank you!
I saw that paypal is available as a payment method but I can’t see it, only with a card or bank account.
Paypal is allowed or did I misunderstand?

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Paypal please, was not enough to annihilate with students, we still need to have an international card to purchase a premium account.

@Boban @Vishwas

i messaged a serious issue regarding premium in viswas inbox please reffer it i cant post that bug in here …please check it out


When u are able to add Paypal?
U already have a paypal donation account, so why u dont make it happend that we can pay premium with paypal.

Its your System, u need the Money from your users and they cant buy it for many weeks.

Its not possible for us to cantact you, becouse if we write in forum or a direkt Mail nobody is listening or answering to us. We get NO update Informations to everything (Bug Fixes, Premium, …).

Thanks to the Community/Moderators they helped and supported me but now i need to search for another Platform becouse i dont know when it will happen to go Premium and be able to compile my project. It can take Days/Months/Years or never!


They are working on it.
Soon PayPal will be available for premium.