Kodular Request - Kodular is Free. Forever

Dear Kodular,
I have a request that you have mentioned on your website that "kodular is Free. Forever.

Unlimited projects. Unlimited features. °°Your limit is your imagination.°°
It is completely free as long as you don’t include “ads” in your app.

I have created my app 6…7 months before now i am unable to download it because it has more than 20 extensions.
So please remove this extension limit or remove the tag from your website that is mentioned in the given screenshot. Thank You… #Kodular_​:heart:



This shouldn’t happen.

that is known as kidnapping extortive.
the measures should be applied to new projects, not to those already created, but if they do not extort they do not collect

another reason why backups are so important…

I have backup as an aia file… But How do I export it now to an apk file?

Unless you go premium you cannot convert into APK. Either you have to try with 5 extension in kodular or have to try from scratch in another platform

for those who deny and support the kodular team. that is clearly a bribe, it would be different if that measure applied only to new projects

Kodular is forcing to buy the premium plan. I’ve rebuilt the app from scratch to another platform. It’s not a case that I could not buy a premium plan, but I would not want to*! And eventually, I’m leaving the platform soon.

*My projects are ads free.

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Of course it is true if you try to use more than 5 extensions in a project.

I have a question to ask, if I pay for the premium plain will I be able to add ads to my app?

No At This Time All Ads SDK Are Outdated Only One Working Google Ad Manager

We are not getting any benifits of premium membership. Lot’s of bugs and outdated SDK’s … We need to pay for premium subscription and extensions … :man_facepalming:t2::smiling_face_with_tear:

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