Kodular sending a link to friends to download my app

Hi I just wonder the best way to send a link to my friends to download my app, is Taifun useful for it too?

i prefer to usse activity starter

Thank you for your time, i will try that :upside_down_face:

It is unclear what you mean here?

maybe he is sayingg
if taifun extensions can hellp or not?

dint quite got it

Hi Peter,
Just to let you know that I have been searching google and also i have seen several videos before I ask a question, I do not need to steal a question from anybody. I always tried everything first otherwise I wouldnt ask. As a moderator i think you have to treat people with respect, and thanks my problem is solved.

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can u tell how it got solved
it willl help in future to others


All have rights to ask questions here but once solved say the answer don’t keep secret in future others might learn from it

I don’t know where you get that impression. I asked for a clarification of your question.


Hi everyone this is how I solve the problem to share a link of any app in google play. except from some apps like whatsapp or facebook that I think because of privacy policy they are restricted.
The name of the app I have use : com.roboto.one is not a real one to avoid problems with the privacy policy, in this case I can not publish name of apps that are not mine. But I have tried this code with real app names and it works perfectly.
Happy coding!!


Hi everyone: This is the solution it works!!

The package name com.roboto.one may have something to do with Google’s font family Roboto. Next time, try to use a package name that you can remember and that you don’t think any other app has claimed already.

Ok thanks for the comment

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