Kodular server error

Hi Guys,

why do i get server error when i try to copy a screen?

just close the kodular tab & close the data & again start it…

not working done that

ok . Have you complete the block session of that screen.

what do you mean by block session?

i mean coding .

am i done with the block coding? yes i am app is completed i just want to move screen1 or rename it to Home by copy the screen

then please check the coding. Actually sometimes their is some wrong block are their in app so please check it & then try to copy screen. It will work…

it does not make sense, i have no warnings or errors on the blocks on screen 1 all blocks are working the way they should :neutral_face:

You can not rename screen1!

oops i didn’t read that properly. Sorry.

i know i can not rename screen 1 i want to copy the screen so i can use screen one for something els i have in-mind

just export the aia and open with winrar and copy screen1. that’s it you are good to go.

Hi manishthetechguy

i have done what you said but how do i get it back to AIA format for kodular

I can open AIA file without winrar or others by just right clicking on it selecting open with.

Note: I did this almost a year ago.

you don’t need to extract the aia. just open it in winrar and copy the screen in winrar and close it. it may be a little bit confusing. share you aia here if you still face some problem. i will do it for you.

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ouky let me try so if i am correct i can copy screen1 rename it to say home within winrar?

yes you are correct.


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