Kodular Testing not working

I just noticed this morning that Kodular have beign updated and also asked me to update the Kodular Companion. Now i tried to test my app via the Companion, but the progress bar just stuck at 49% forever and nothing is happening.

This was working efore and i am also on the same network with my Laptop internet and Mobile device.

Please am i the only one facing this problem or everyone

Hmm. Interesting. I don’t think I’ve seen this issue reported by others. What’s your project size, number of assets and screens?

I can confirm that I have the problem now and then. I manage to restart the Companion, reset beforehand, and reload the Creator if necessary.

The File size is 9.3MB

Have this problem continuously last 2 days, can’t test anymore. Tried various devices, loading gets stuck at 20%.

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Try firefox, see

not working