Kodular to Thunkable and back

Hello. I’ve notice that Thunkable has moe variable and logic options. But naming is different in both. My question is, are those variables from thunkable available in kodular but have different naming?

is thee an option to create own variables?

Can you show what you are talking about? Give an example. And i think you are talking about Thunkable X not Thunkable Classic?

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You can create your own variables on kodular too :sweat_smile:

Can you explain it better please? I don’t really understand it… :wink:

I think he meant “components”.
Maybe he’s asking about features even.
If everything that thunkable has, the kodular has one too in equivalent but with different name for it.

i think he is saying in thunkable u put null block
and in kodular there is no null block but empty text works as null block
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good to use kodular coz thunkable has many bugs