Kodular version Lite

After the new interface, the site is consuming a lot of internet connection

What if a copy was made from the site that is less consumed


A program through an electron that carries the site’s interface

And the emulator and export the application only to connect to the Internet

This sounds good. We had already discussed in the team about this. But we would prefer to make the web app run smoother than building an offline version. Offline version needs development time, maintenance, updates, platform compatibility, etc which would divert our focus.


Actually if you could build an Electron app, it will work online as it is working under a Chromium instance, but performance will be better according to classic browsers as it doesn’t have tabs, menu etc.

That makes me think, why not make it a PWA?

I didn’t understand can you explain

Did any of you try one way and reduce internet consumption in kodular ?

Instead of loading webpage, use APIs for getting data and show in your app interface
What is your website’s url?