Kodular Version Name and Version Code Error

In my app, I am printing Version Name and Version Code on my Screen. I have set the Version Code to 1 and Version Name to 1.0.1

It should Print the same but actually It is printing 297 in the place of 1 [Version Code] and 1.4D.1 Eagle in the place of 1.0.1 [Version Name]

Here are the Blocks:



Here is the Output


Android Version: 6.0

How about building your app


What do you mean??

The block are returning kodular companion’s version code and name.
You have to export your app then it will be fine.

I have tried it…I am building a system to check for Updates by matching the Value from my spreadsheet cell to app version code. If the value does not match, Update screen will open. But it didn’t work. When I printed app version code on Screen, It showed 297. Same happened with Version Name.

Its all right with my another project…

I don’t think because your blocks and your output is not matching.
Look at your blocks where you have used same label for printing the version name and version code. And in output they are printing in different labels.

Its showing while using companion.

Build apk then your problem will solve.