Kodular via USB does not connect

Your APP is mirroring normal there now friend

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In firefox BROWSER i use usb connection With use usb debugging error come like

proof is here

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Hello Friend.
Unfortunately, there are thousands of negative reviews about kodular Companion on Google Paly.

I realized that developers only waste time in the community trying to help each other.
I saw on Google that Kodular has been bad for years.
Unfortunately, I’m going to stop with Kodular and not recommend Kodular for a new friend here in Brazil.
I’ll have to start my APP on Thunkable from scratch.
I thank everyone who suffers from all this and still endeavors to help.

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Lose 25 days.
In other words, 250 hours of work is not easy. I’ll take a chance on Thunkable.
I only discovered Thunkable after Kodular.
Thousands of developers are saying that it is better than Kodular.
A tip for you friends.
let’s stop suffering here … who agree ok

Kodular Owners or Developers never respond to anyone on Google Play, or by email,
that is very strange.
gives the impression of a company without resources, which does not care about customers.

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