Kodular website is not loading in my computer!

Dear Admin of Kodular,
I Am facing a problem from last night! creator.kodular.com site is not loading in my computer. I did a lot of restart and also tried with differnt browser but it’s not working!
Please someone help me. One of my important project are pending!

Whenever I try to load the site it’s show me an error-
" This site can’t be reached

creator.kodular.io took too long to respond.


Works for me normal like always

its ur internet problem check internet i am faced it too


Listen all the thing is that
You are trying kodular for first time ’
i don’t know what it loads in your computer but tooks some long to respond and wait for atleast 30 Mins and then it will load


You internet really slow bro

Try the first i said or else just message me i will find a solution

It’s a 15 mbps boardband conection other websites are working fine but creator.kodular.com site is not working :frowning:

Do you use chrome browser?

Recently I Install windows 10 after that the problem began :frowning: What should I do now? is it any kind of ip problem?

What about clearing the cookies?

its too good @mdshahin262728 do clear ur cookies if ur problem is not solved by my suggestion in post #2

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