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Hello All,

I have wordpress site and i started to doing e commerce app with kodular. But it is very hard to update my app because there are so many products i have. Have you know any method if woocommerce connected to my kodular app and update everthing automatically ? for exapmle price of products.

thank you.

API + Kodular Web Component:

In API , Generate Consumer Key and Consumer Secret keys.

Web.Url - Put the API url

Web.POST with Join Blocks create your Json manualy.
{ “email”:" “[email protected]”,
“first_name”:“Jonh”, …
Web.Request Headers
Web.Got to treat know return Json
Web.Json text decode


could not opened your link

That was demo link.& i know the method how to connect with woocommerce. That was very long proceed

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if you have any document can you share with me ?

There are lack of conversations about API in community since it only works on questions asked by members.

Anyway, you can start working with the guide @Rogerio_Rios provided. After you start, you can get back to community whenever you get stuck.

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There was official woocommerce documentation. You have to work with that.

I stucked for the beginnig so i had asked. thank you but i didnot understand ver well. what i have to do ? what should blocks do ? i dont know.

First Understand how an API works.

Do a community search for API and Kodular. Read about the wooconmerce API Community research on web component, post, get and Json. All of these issues are already widely discussed here in the community.

& first understood woocommerce documents.

i know woocommerce documents but i dont know kodular side. actually i read lots of documents in community but really i am stucked.

Where you stuck?what you have tried yet



I’ve tried like in below,

Here is the woocomerce docs.

I had used cURL and webview compenction but i had runtime error. I want to take product categories data by using woocommerce API. I am stucked here…

Last block pictures i added.