KodularLessons - RELEASE

I am proud to present you kodularlessons.net!
I have been working really hard on it for quite a while now. I bought this domain just for “the special kid” (Kodular)
Feedback is appreciated!


Nice idea, and nice site design. However using the “Kodular” name will most probably land you in trouble. You can’t use a brand identity without explicit permission, since it falls under the definition of impersonation.


Nice and impressive UI

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Well, I hope it’s not a problem. I am just trying to show some tips and tricks and do not want to get sued :confused:


For starters, it would be great if you could mention (in a noticeable area) that the website is not affiliated with Kodular or Junnovate, LLC in any way.



You will probably find more legal information about the use of the name “Kodular” here

Sorry @Vishwas, I didn’t notice that you were responding :sweat_smile: (I don’t see the profile photos on my cell phone)


Ok, will do that!

Try providing professional videos (Animated/Graphics)

Yes, best like the videos from PixiiBomb:

Will try that, but I am a kid so my voice is kinda high-pitch.

SideMenuLayout tutorial:

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I think it would be nice to explain what component’s purpose and a block description about what exactly it does, or/and maybe you can explain the blocks with Pseudocode or something in the last step. Also you can try to reduce the width / height of the images, because they look so big.

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The images look perfectly fine

“Kodilessons” is best

Kodi is something else though.

KodersLesson is it even better?

I thought we were helping your site not be plagiarism. But anyway. Luck.

The other users doesn’t promote other sites with the same content with yours. They just suggest other names for your site. Don’t be aggressive.

I don’t think anyone was aiming to take your business down and I really don’t think it’s just your “business.” Other people can expand into a category, remember that everyone gets their cut of everything, so not only you have the ability to teach lessons about Kodular.

Let’s not escalate the situation and keep on topic :slight_smile:

Why has my topic become into people advertising different sites and arguing about which one is better? This topic is for kodularlessons.net and not for other knockoffs trying to take my business down.

this is a business? So make sure you have time and ability to help the people who are paying for your tutorials and get stuck. Just a helpful suggestion…