Kudular Fenix Update - Dynamic Component Issue

My application was running properly up to Kudular Fenix Update, but after that Kudular Fenix Update my application gets this error.Or Dynamic Component not working properly

any solution this porblem??

Which other extensions do you use in the app?

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It is called Kodular :wink:



Do you update your inApp_pdfViewer extension to fenix?

Well Dynamic Component Extension is not having any issues !!

You are mistake. This extension continue to work as early even in Fenix. First show us what are the extensions you are using…

That web view and deep host extension causing this error

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update 19-07-2021 inapp_pdf viewr extension

Disable this two extensions and try… There by you can confirm that there is no problem with dyn.compo

deep host extensions update 19-07-2021

web view extension not update - how to download new update??

Recast it and try !!

You can also recast your aia directly :wink:

can you give me Recast webview extension??

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Recasting tutorial