Label Width Percentage

I created 4 labels on my first card inside a horizontal arrangement. I converted the labels to Materia Icons then used percentage to fill the width. Yet some of the icons were not showing, while others were longer than the other.

Secondly, I created a card. I thought that if I create 5 other cards inside the card and make then height of 20% each, that the sum would be 100% and that would automatically fill in the card for me. I therefore found out that the cards were now bigger in height than the parent card. Is it possible that 100% would be bigger than the size?

Please I need reply or help to these questions. Thank you

Can u post some screenshots, what you have tried and what u want to achieve.

Material icon will not be shown when their height, width is not set properly



I made those 4 labeled icons above 25% each as shown in the 2nd picture. Yet it appears to go off the screen

Don’t set width of material icon label to 25%

Just keep height, width to Automatic.

You can control Material icon size by changing label font size.

And set horizontal arrangement (where u placed material icons) alignment to center for both vertical and horizontal alignment.

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Designer doesn’t reflect the real look as on device it self, so try it with companion or as apk

I don’t see any issue doing this

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